One minute excerpt from a three-channel video. Usually presented on three separate monitors looping indefinitely.

“…it has to be decided whether what is called a work of art can be reduced to system of significations; one can only anticipate that for all these imitative arts—when common—the code of the connoted system is very likely constituted either by a universal symbolic order or by a period rhetoric, in short by a stock of stereotypes (schemes, colours, graphisms, gestures, expressions, arrangements of elements).” (Barthes, The Photographic Message)

Video description: three separate video channels on a black background. Top-center channel: a blue pool-shape on a gray background. A gray donut-shape bounces off the interior boundaries of the blue pool-shape. The gray donut-shape moves around and halts in time with the ticking and halting of the audio track. The donut-shape has a slice cut out of it at the 12 o’clock position. Bottom-left channel: a black circle-shape and a line-shape on a gray background. The size and position of the two shapes transition slowly back-and-forth. Bottom-right channel: a black number 2 symbol and a roman numeral II symbol on a gray background. The size and position of the two symbols transition slowly left-to-right.